Quick poll, let’s see who’s out there!

So, I’m at work, just wanted to make a quick post but then wondered… “Should I enable commenting?”

I mean, sure in a normal site that was active and “launched” then, you would have commenting to grow the community. It’s not that I don’t want to hear from you guys, I just don’t want to deal with spam and honestly… I seriously doubt there is actually anyone reading these words. The site is nothing right now really so, I’ll let this cheap ass poll I found off a Google search do the work for me so I can get back to work and finally get an idea of if ANYONE out there… reads this.

In time, I’ll have something to offer here… maybe I do in my rambling now but – I doubt it.

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So much, so little time…

The older I get, the less time I feel I have. I don’t mean in the straight-forward way of “days alive,” I’m not that morbid nor do I want to count myself down. Rather, I’m referring to the overwhelming feeling that entire days go by in the blink of an eye.

That feeling of when you’re working on something or you’re really involved in your favorite television show and that week’s episode… it happens at different times but the feeling is the same: You get lost and when you poke your head up to check the clock – hours and hours have sped by like a Jamaican in the Olympics. (It’s not racist, I love Jamaica and they’re fast! Take pride Bolt!)

Anyway, there is no point to this post really. I’m only trying to become more regular in blogging once again. It’s been so long since I truly kept up with a blog and since nearly all my “big ideas” that I have no time for envolve them – maybe I should take a refresher and post more here?

After all… no one reads this, do they?


Everyday, one step further…

You know when you stumble across a site like this and you see some blog posts spread out over a long period of time, it’s normal to think the site is forgotten or just waiting to decay.

However, that is not the case with CraigMcKechnie.com and it will never be. I have many, many projects baking in the oven at the moment and soon – they’ll be ready to let cool and serve. :)

Keep checking back, or not. But, something very cool (and useful) will be here soon!!